The Next Level Postpartum Doula is a 370-page guidebook that talks about all the aspects postpartum doulas encounter in their work with clients. It takes the doulas through the first 10 days postpartum and gives suggestions on what they can do and talk about with their clients. There is detailed information about:

  • postpartum healing,
  • newborn care,
  • breastfeeding,
  • household and meal organization,
  • communication,
  • as well as the business aspect of doula work.

Marjon has interviewed other postpartum doulas, and this has evolved into this beautiful book. It melts together the many different ways postpartum doulas provide their care. The Next Level Postpartum Doula comes with a practical handbook that doulas can bring to every client. This is a carefully crafted and evidence-based manual for postpartum doulas. Marjon presents helpful and sound lactation training advice throughout this book that should be helpful to anyone working as a postpartum doula. Intertwining humor with practicality and evidence with personal experiences, you will find this book a valuable addition to your postpartum doula reading collection.

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