Postpartum Workbook

A cheat sheet for your postpartum doula work

Day by Day for 10 days

All the topics from the next level postpartum doula book in a carry-on format

This workbook gives you an oversight about what is important for mother and baby the first 10 days after birth.

Mother care
Newborn Care
Breastfeeding Support

  • 30 pages (15 double sided)
  • Topics per day
  • Track feedings and diapers
  • Space for note taking
  • Multiple versions: for breastfeeders, chestfeeders and formula feeders
  • Includes new born care cheat sheet
  • Personalized for your clients
  • Plus plenty of tips & information!

Bring value and content to every family!

one price – endless copies for years to come

Use as a personal reference
or give copies to all your clients!

You don’t want to work from a workbook with your clients? Carry one in your bag for yourself! I never go anywhere without it, and I always have plenty of topics ready to share.

Why a workbook?


Bringing a workbook will make you look well prepared.


It helps you remember what matters on what day. When you work with multiple families at a time you can keep track of what you have discussed with each family and the details about their baby.

Conversation starter

This workbook gives you an array of topics you could talk about. Each family is different so pick and choose what is needed or would be appreciated. Make every minute of your service valuable!

  • Ten days, day by day, all the topics from the “big book”
  • Add your name and logo
  • Incorporate your own unique pages
  • And Voila! The workbook for your client comes directly from you!


Does the workbook include inclusive language?

You will receive 4 versions of the workbook: Breastfeeders (original), Bottle Feeders, Gender Neutral Chestfeeders, and Gender Neutral Bottle Feeders. Bring the workbook that fits your clients.

How do I use this workbook?

It is completely up to you. You can’t go wrong. The “big book” will give you all the back ground information you need. You can use as much or as little as you feel fit. Never again feel like you don’t know what to do or talk about. You can leave the big book at home and bring a workbook to all your clients.

How will I receive the workbook?

You can download the workbook immediately. And because we care, the workbook is made with grey tones and with only few images to keep it printer friendly for you.


The workbooks are presented to you in the exact format. Make sure you print it double sided! This way the days will open on the left & right page. You can pick your cover of your choice.