Marjon Murphy

Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor
and Author of
The Next Level Postpartum Doula

The Person

Marjon Murphy is a postpartum doula and lactation counselor with her private doula practice in Oregon, USA. She has worked with many new families in her gorgeous mountain town but Marjon grew up and lived in the Netherlands till she was 30 years old. She trained and got certified through several doula organizations and continues to take yearly training and courses. Over the years she has worked in Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and the USA. Besides being a parent to two teenagers, teaching newborn-care and breastfeeding classes, working with new families, and building her doula mentor business, Marjon has written The Next Level Postpartum Doula (2022). She is further studying for her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Oregon State University (OSU) and is on her way to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). It is her goal to specialize in perinatal mental health and further grow her private practice. 

Pronounced: MarYon

The Care

Marjon is a firm believer that postpartum care and lactation support go hand in hand. The number one need of many parents is getting breastfeeding off to a good start. Marjon started implementing the Dutch way of postpartum care into her doula business and created a program that focuses on care for mother, baby, and the household for the first weeks after birth. While bringing education and knowledge, all parents are the expert on their own baby and a postpartum doula will always follow their lead. What that care looks like is different in every household. 

The Book

Marjon is the author of The Next Level Postpartum Doula. A 370-page guide book that talks about all the aspects postpartum doulas encounter in their work with clients. The book takes the doulas through the first 10 days postpartum and gives suggestions on what they can do and talk about with their clients. There is detailed information about postpartum healing, newborn care, breastfeeding, and communication as well as the business aspect of doula work. Marjon has interviewed other postpartum doulas and together this has evolved into this beautiful book. The Next Level Postpartum Doula comes with a practical workbook the doulas can bring to every client. 

The Website

On www.thenextlevelpostpartumdoula.com postpartum doulas can find resources, business tools, classes, blogs, and videos that can help them in growing their knowledge, skills, and business.

Contact Marjon if you want her one-on-one hands-on support to grow your postpartum doula practice.